About our company

RAKETA GROUP is an international company aiming at integrating modern technologies, international logistics and retail to create up-to-date and effective solutions. 

One of the key priorities of the company is to create a sustainable digital market in Abkhazia. The essential achievement in this area was the development of the online platform RAKETA Market, which contains a huge variety of pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic products from leading international brands. 

RAKETA Market — is a community of professionals and consumers that enables transparent and effective coordination between qualified suppliers, retail and wholesale customers. We develop a modern sustainable market with quality assurance and loyal prices at its core. 

In the beginning of 2022 RAKETA GROUP launched the first retail sales points. Today our pharmacies are open at the Rosneft petrol stations in Sukhum and Gagra.

How we started

«Building a strong market benefits all its participants»

In 2020, the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus), the severity and scale of which significantly affected both people’s lives and businesses. With the lockdown, launching an effective quality foreign medicines supply chain has become imperative. RAKETA GROUP was one of the first companies in the Republic of Abkhazia to adapt quickly to this demand. We managed to launch RAKETA Market and provide delivery of international products to the collection points.