Should you buy Turkish medicines?

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Benefits of buying medicines from Turkey

Many foreigners, going on vacation or traveling in Turkey, wonder whether it is worth buying medicines in Turkey. In practice, many have already appreciated the advantages of Turkish pharmaceuticals. Based on this, several pros can be highlighted in favor of purchasing drugs in Turkey. Namely:

• Prices for medicines in Turkey from well-known international and domestic manufacturers in comparison with the CIS countries are much cheaper.

• For medicine counterfeiting, Turkish law provides for a severe sentence of imprisonment for up to 50 years. Which means, when buying medicines at a pharmacy, you can be one hundred percent sure of their originality.

• In Turkey, almost all the well-known formulas of foreign medicines are registered. There are also types of medicines that, for example, in Ukraine, Belarus or Russia have not yet been presented.

• Regulation of price policy in the pharmacy market is another factor in favor of purchasing medicines in Turkey. This means that prices are fixed and pharmacies cannot raise them at their discretion. To get a good understanding of the cost information, check it on the Internet before going to the pharmacy booth.

How to buy medicines in Turkey - searching tips


In particular, we will talk about medicines that can be bought in Turkey and how to find the Turkish equivalent of the medicaments you need. To make this happen, you will need to perform a number of simple steps:

1. You need to take the package of your medication and look at its international name, which is usually indicated under the name of the manufacturer. The international name is common to everyone, no matter what country you live in.

2. Using the search network, type in an international name and next to it write the Turkish word “fiyatı”, which means “price”. Thus, the search engine will search the sites of Turkish companies for you. If the medicine is registered in Turkey, the search engine will find available options with prices in lira.