Imumax 16+ - A quick way to cure a sore throat


Sore throat spray is an essential part of any home aid kit. These medicaments are able to eliminate various diseases, reduce pain and speed up the healing process. Sprays are presented as cans with different medicinal components that have a disinfecting and analgesic effect on an irritated throat. To irrigate the oral cavity, you must gently press the lever and spray the aerosol with two or three clicks for 2-3 seconds. The spray covers the tissues and begins to сгку the affected mucous membrane almost immediately, destroying harmful bacteria, disinfecting the throat.

One of the most popular and fast-acting throat sprays is IMUMAX 16+.

Throat spray IMUMAX 16+ is a viscous, hypertonic solution for the treatment of throat and sore throat diseases. It removes all contaminants present on the throat surface, including bacteria, viral particles, dust particles, dead cells, by mechanical action through a strong outflow of fluid. The spray contains: Glycerin, Honey, Water, Glycocyanidin-a, Extracts of cultivated grapes (Vitis vinifera) and black elderberry (Sambucus nigra). The spray acts as a quick solution to clear the throat. A clean throat surface speeds up the recovery process and strengthens local immunity. The film formed on the throat surface protects against irritation and external bacterial influences, thereby reducing pain. When applied early in an infection, IMUMAX 16+ Throat Spray helps prevent infection. Also, IMUMAX 16+ throat spray has no known side effects and is not harmful if swallowed.